I/we warrant and confirm that the information given in the mortgage application form is true and correct and I/we understand that it is being used to determine my/our credit responsibility and to evaluate and respond to my/our request for mortgage financing. You are authorized to obtain any information you may require for these purposes from other sources (including, for example, credit bureau) and each source is hereby authorized to provide you with such information. I/we also understand, acknowledge and agree that the information given in the mortgage application form as well as other information you obtain in relation to my credit history may be disclosed to potential mortgage lenders, mortgage insurers, other service providers, organizations providing technological or other support services required in relation to this application and any other parties with whom I/we propose to have a financial relationship.

I/we further acknowledge and agree that each potential mortgage lender, mortgage insurer and service provider to whom you provide the mortgage application and /or my/our personal information is permitted to received such application and information and maintain records relation to me/us, including my/our Social Insurance Number (SIN) if I/we provide it, and collect personal information from me/us, you and from third persons, including credit bureau, credit reporting and collections agencies, financial institutions, my/our past and present employers, creditors and tenants, my/our spouse or any other person who has information about me/us for the purposes of recording, evaluation and responding to my/our application for mortgage financing or related activities and I/we specifically consent to the release and disclosure of personal information by such persons to and among you and each potential mortgage lender, mortgage insurer or other service provider.


NOTICE TO BORROWER(S): Mortgage brokerages must inform you whether a lender has an ownership interest in the mortgage brokerage, the number of lenders the mortgage brokerage is capable of submitting an application to, and the names of those lenders. This information is required by Saskatchewan legislation, and must be provided to you at the earliest opportunity and not less than two (2) business days before you:

  • Commit yourself to enter into the mortgage; OR
  • Make any payment or committing to make any payment in connection with the mortgage, other than fees or charges paid to the mortgage brokerage for its services. iSask Mortgage Brokers Inc. does not charge fees for our service.

Mortgage FX Inc. IS NOT directly or indirectly owned in whole or in part by a mortgage lender.
The mortgage brokerage is capable of submitting your mortgage application to the following 20 lenders at the present time:

First National Financial
B2B Bank
Equitable Bank
Optimum Mortgages/Canadian Western Bank
Haventree Bank
Moskowitz Capital
Centum Mortgage
Merix Financial
RMG Mortgages
CMLS Financial
Manulife Bank
TD Canada Trust
RFA Mortgage Corporation
Bridgewater Bank
Radius Financial
Sun Mortgage Corporation
Kokanee Mortgages
Three Point Capital

MortgageFX Inc. working in partnership with Centum/Isask Mortgage Brokers Inc.

Mortgage FX Inc. is committed to offering you the best mortgage products available in the industry. In order to do this, we maintain a partnership with Centum/Isask Mortgage Broker Inc. This partnership allows us to combine and increase the number of mortgages we send into the above lenders. By sending the lenders a higher number of mortgages, the lenders often offer Mortgage FX further discounts on interest rates that would not be available if Mortgage FX Inc. did not have this partnership. Mortgage FX Inc. passes these savings on to you, our clients. All mortgage Approvals and credit inquires will appear in the name of “Centum/Isask Mortgage brokers Inc”

In making this application to Mortgage FX Inc. working in partnership with Centum/ iSask Mortgage Brokers Inc., I hereby consent to the collection, use and disclosure of my personal information for the purpose of obtaining a transmittal, including electronic.